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We all know how difficult is to combine professional activities with personal life living at home. In “the COVID-19 Free Resources” you can find information that can guide you or any other individuals that want to start or prepare themselves to scenarios of working from home, either for recommendation, necessity (i.e. a pandemic outbreak like COVID-19) or by personal initiative.

The COVID-19 Free Resources are provided in the form of resource kits, experiences, best practices and recommendations and their aim to maintain in good level our living standards and interpersonal conditions with family or the people with whom you are living and sharing common indoor spaces.

COVID-19 Resources are distributed in the form of series of articles that can guide/help you in the difficult journey towards Learning, Working and Living from Home, by using multiple views and based on experiences we have built these easy-to-read documents to make your journey less painful and at the same time find your way to work from home more efficiently amid COVID-19

All the collective information presented is the result of active participation of individuals that voluntary provided their experience and we build based on consensus these experiences to share. This information is made available with the objective of sharing experiences, being more effective and making sure that you are prepared for a working from home scenarios and that the working from home conditions don’t affect daily activities negatively.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Individuals and Communities in Confinement







New Normality and Working Conditions following COVID-19





Disclaimer and Acknowledgements

We acknowledge the scientific community and active researchers for their participation and inputs provided to create and validate this document alike the feedback received.  The main purpose of these COVID-19 resources are to be used as support for going into the process of Working from Home and eventually every individual with the correct understanding and application of normal criteria adapts your own methodology based on The 7 Key Confinement Process Guidelines introduced and explained in the Confinement Adaptation Kit.

We provide this information for free distribution under a creative commons licence with no liability or responsibility of any type towards its authors and with the clear understanding that its content and ideas can be extended, modified, altered.

Authors acknowledge the support from European Commission under H2020 Programme and particularly ACTIVAGE project, CREATE-IoT project, i3-MARKET project and NGI Explorer project. It is important to highlight that any official information and recommendations provided from official sources must be followed and this document does not interfere or surpass any official information provided by any of the health institutions, organisations or governmental authorities in your country, state or your local area.

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2019 OASC Ireland

2019 OASC Ireland – Digital Strategy

The fifth annual General Assembly Open Agile Smart Cities Ireland ( expo and workshop took place at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway. This year we are focus on providing regional support to define from international standards the Digital Strategy for Galway City.  

Plan and Local Collaboration

A series of meetings and mini-events to allow interaction and public engagement coordinated by Galway City Council were hosted in various places in Galway City. Co-Creation experiences from Open Agile Smart Cities (OASC) the European Living labs (which have transformed into a local ecology for innovation involving citizens, services, technologies and policy) and Global City team Challenge (GCTC) have provided a solid know-*how towards the Digital Strategy creation.


One of the organised events brought together different stakeholders and citizens participation, as a workshop and coordination from Galway City Council, this event set the foundations to the Digital Strategy by collecting all the critical demands and focal needs – Insight Galway participated proactively helping to identify the requirements to make continue the transformation of Galway City towards the best Smarter Connected Hub, not only in Ireland but also with the USA by its long trajectory in IE-USA partnerships and continue participation in the international GCTC event.


Galway City     Dublin City      Cork City      Limerick City     Belfast City

Donegal County        Sligo County      Leitrim County        Mayo County

Roscommon County      Galway County       Clare County        NIST        ETSI       CEN-CENELEC    W3C

WDC            North-Western Regional Assembly-NWRA             NWDA

All Ireland Smart Cities Forum

Open Agile Smart Cities Ireland


We Continue Working From Home, visit [COVID-19] Resources Section

The Open Agile Smart Cities Ireland run continuously activities at the National and International levels offering leadership and open participation of  any organisation, industry or individuals.

At National level organises a series of events, the OASC Ireland Geeral Assembly, an annual meeting to bring together the different stakeholders of innovative smart city ecosystems, the OpenIoT Summer School to transfer knowledge from academia to the new generation of professionals and also from advanced research results to industry participants, the Smart Cities & Regions Expo an annual event to synchronise activities, make plans and share experiences and also the Citizen’s Engagement and co-Creation Workshops to exercise the most difficult parts of the innovation process in complex smart cities ecosystem.

Due to COVID-19 our MEETINGS are delayed until Further Notice

At the International level organises participation on different actions happening around the globe offering not only the participation but also the direct involvement of your organisation. bring you to the Smart Cities Connect Conference to add value into an international level and have more impact internationally, OASC Smart Cites Conference is an international event supported by the European Commission, other international activities are the Global City Team Challenge (GCTC)Smart Cities Industry ForumSmart Cities Solutions Forum, etc. help to promote the involved Irish cities to take part of the international smart city activities by promoting the best practices learnt at national level and also to promote replicability and scalability of tested solutions beyond the country boundaries.

Please visit the  [News, Meetings & Events Section] regularly for updated information about the next OASC Ireland activities. Please visit [About Us] section to understand charter and don’t hesitate to contact us for future plans in your city or simply if you want to be part of

2018 OASC Ireland

2018 OASC Ireland – Advancing Solutions

The fourth annual General Assembly Open Agile Smart Cities Ireland ( expo and workshop took place at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway. This year the focus was on explaining how to build a smart city by taking an International Standards Approach with solid expertise and validated experiences from European Living labs which have transformed into a local ecology for innovation involving citizens, services, technologies and policy.


At this annual meeting stakeholders in Galway City and the North-West Region came together to coordinate the strategies and activities that are in place in order to build a Smart Region that serves as pathway between the local region in the West of Ireland through the Smart Atlantic Way and the Galway Connected Hub (the smart city initiative) that signed up to, together with Smart City Dublin and Smart Gateway Cork, back in 2015. It is only by collaborating with other cities and regions in Ireland and then connecting onwards with other cities and regions in Europe and right across the world through the network that best practices can be defined and thus the use of technology and data will act as the enabler to build a better, more efficient “Connected” society.

Co-Creation Activity in Galway

This year a co-creation workshop ran during the second part of the meeting taking the 50 BEST Smart Cities Award approach for reproducing smart Living Labs in Ireland and explaining the best practices to the city stakeholder attendees. According to Mr Niall O’Brolchain (General chair of ) and  Dr. Martin Serrano (Technical manager and board member at, this workshop is a success for the west region of the country and the next immediate action is to visit other cities in Ireland and aim to replicate the co-creative experience to align vision and activities across the country. A smart city is a city with the latest technology; it engages with cutting edge research and academia; it has industries and entrepreneurs innovating on the streets; its governance is flexible and makes it easy to adapt to the dynamics of the city. But a smart city is also one with the participation of the citizens at its heart. When these four elements come together, that is termed the quadruple Helix for Innovating in Modern Smart Cities.


The participants at the co-creation workshop from the North Western regions and Smart City Galway officers at the 2018 OASC Ireland Progress meeting – Insight Galway City this year were proactively identifying the requirements to make Galway City Smarter using a group technique facilitated by

Please look at the [2018 OpenIoT Summer School Activities Program] or visit the [OpenIoT Website] for more details.

About Us

Open Agile Smart Cities – Global Initiative

The OASC Initiative ( was founded in January 2015 and came to life with the first wave of cities joining in March 2015. OASC continues  growing and up-to-date more than 290 cities have join the initiative world-wide. OASC kickstarts the use of a shared set of methods to develop systems and make them interoperable across a single city as well as between multiple cities. Today’s smart cities are pioneering solutions that improve local practices while promoting sustainable job creation. OASC provides the network for cities all over the world to share best practices, compare results, and avoid vendor (and city) lock-in while advocating for “de facto” standards.


Open Agile Smart Cities Ireland

The Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative (OASC) Ireland supports the cities that have engaged into improving the citizens smart city experience from city to city in Ireland and then Europe. The overall objective is to sustain the regional and national smart city market and create a synergy with International initiativesOASC Ireland provides visibility, internationalisation and most important, when your smart city is ready will work with you in the projection of your smart city plans to an international dimension in a global smart city digital market.

Open Agile Smart Cities Ireland Charter

The Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative (OASC) Ireland work together with other national and international initiatives, there is no smart city with one player on board but multidisciplinary team works. We help cities to discover the gaps and solve the issues that block your city to scale up solutions. also build with your city the vision for the next steps for improving the citizens smart city experience.

Citizen Empowerment

The education and the correct information campaigns for citizens is important, can help you to run co-creation activities, citizens engagement and education campaigns to connect your city officials achievements with your citizens. At the same time the collection of requirements, social needs analysis and the identification of city infrastructure standards required for your city to be at the level of international/global smart cities and to scale up city solutions and services.

Open Data & Data Sharing

The data that traditionally belongs to a municipality belongs now to citizens, according to the new European directive on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), any information that is considered Personal Data belongs to the individual and in a city this is not an exception. can help you to understand European Regulations, European Policy and European Compliance. This is important if you and your city aim to be recognised in international smart city organisations.

Global Standards

Nothing works today that is disconnected from global economies and societies, there is no a single standard that can define the full behaviour of a city. people has been involved in many standard forums and de facto standards generation, at we can help you to be compliant with international standards when it is required only address national, regional, local standards in order to understand your smart city interoperability limitations and most important to identify when it is necessary expand your city based on global standards.


Cities are generators of data, each system interconnected is a massive source of information to understand your city, your citizens and the behaviour and evolutions of the city. can help you not only to understand and analyse the information generated from city systems but to connect your silo systems to build your smart city system of systems, from ground on infrastructure designs to software platforms connectivity and also interoperable applications and solutions for your inhabitants in your city.


There is no biggest  problem in a city that legacy systems that do not scale. there is no biggest blockage to grow in cities that have a technology lock-in . works with your technical officer directly to define strategies, have scale-up plans, define strategic roadmaps and design your smart city architecture(s) to avoid common technology problems in cities. Not all the emergent technologies will satisfy your local needs, partners and staff has extensive expertise on international Smart City Deployment that can be part of your group of advisors.


To get support or receive more information Contact Us :   

Niall O’Brolchain

Chairman                                                                                         Email:

Dr. Martin Serrano

Technical Support                                                               Email:

Address: IDA Business Park, Lower Dangan,                                                           Galway, Ireland

Smart City Standards

OASC Ireland Smart Cities market through “de facto” standards

Global de facto standards for portability and interoperability provide a clear path to creating a true global market for smart city services. OASC advocates cities to adopt four simple mechanisms as de facto standards. The first mechanism is a driven-by-implementation approach: This implies, among other things, that communities and developers can co-create their services.

The other three mechanisms are technical: an APIa set of data models, and an open data platform, which are described more precisely but not limited in the [Open and Agile Smart Cities Background Document].

OASC Ireland Cities


                        __             Ireland rapid progress is in place!

Open & Agile Smart Cities Ireland started its activity in 2015 with building collaboration and planting the seeds for other organisations in Ireland, up to date a lot of the building blocks to constitute smart cities ecosystem are already in place, but yet a lot of work has to be done, scaling up, maturity readiness, interoperable systems, global KPIs achievement and more. There is a real appetite for all things smart and all the signs are that rapid progress will be made in this area.

“The European headquarters of many of the world’s leading technology firms are based in Ireland providing a cluster of many of the world’s leading experts. At the moment Ireland is coming out strongly from an economic slump. I believe that the smart economy in Ireland has significant energy behind it in all the necessary places”.

According to Mark Bennett of Dublin City Council, “Cities are going to be leaders of the change“. Dublin could raise its profile in a way that would help sell Ireland”.


OASC Ireland Expertise and Leadership
The OASC Ireland initiative is being led by Niall Ó Brolcháin who served as Mayor of Galway from 2006-07 and as a Government Senator until 2011 has a unique blend of experience in both politics and technology having worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. He is now working with Insight to promote Open Data in Ireland.

Mr Ó Brolcháin a long-time advocate of Smart Cities stated, “I believe that Ireland is ideally placed to develop leading edge smart systems that will involve technological advancements in public administration, creating efficiencies and providing levels of service that would have been unimaginable only a few short years ago.”

Mr Ó Brolcháin is supported technically by two experts,  Dr. Martin Serrano head of the  IoT and Stream processing Unit who specialises in Smart Cities / IoT and along also with Insight’s eGovernment group led by former United Nations researcher Dr. Adegboyega Ojo who specialised in eGovernment.

More details, please read the [Irish Times Article]


Ireland has the right size, environment
Dr. Martin Serrano is on the Steering Board of the OASC Connected Smart Cities Network ( , which oversees the OASC Initiatives around the globe, and is well respected throughout the world for his work in developing the Smart City concept. Dr. Serrano is an expert on IoT technologies and He believes that Ireland is the right size and has the right political and technological environment to lead the way in terms of fast development and technology adaptation in Smart Cities.

More details please refer to [Silicon Republic Article]

OASC Ireland recognises the importance of collaborative relationships
Dr. Adegboyega Ojo former United Nations University member, head of the eGovernment Unit at Insight welcomed the initiative, saying, “We are delighted that Dublin, Cork and Galway have signed up for this initiative. The eGovernment unit at Insight works closely with Public Authorities and Governments in the Republic of Ireland and other parts of the world in the area of open government. We also recognise the importance of continuing to develop our relationships with local cities in Ireland in harnessing open and big data driven innovations towards improved quality of life for residents”.


Open Agile Smart Cities in Ireland

Galway Smart City:   [Galway Connected Hub Projects]

Dublin Smart City:      [Smart City Projects]

Cork Smart City:          [Smart Hub Projects]

Limerick Smart City: [Smart Gateway Projects]





April 15 2018, OASC Ireland participated in the Smart 50 Awards, an award in partnership with Smart Cities Connect, Smart Cities Connect Foundation, and US Ignite annually recognise global smart cities projects, initiatives and individuals, honouring the most innovative and influential work in Smart City Space. has been awarded by the 2018 Smart 50 Awards by not only the Air quality and Environmental Monitoring Galway Smart City – IoT Enabled Project but because the 5 years trajectory innovating for the citizens and the cites. is now looking to engage with more cities to replicate best practices for Smart Cities for IoT-enabled systems integration/interoperability, a unique value-proposition from to the community. Contact us for further information and/or submit your application.





August 29, 2017 OASC Ireland participates in the Global City teams Challenge Expo. A set of projects with cities in California, Ireland and India have been presented and the technologies and project progress have been showcased bringing the attention to many participants and opening the opportunities for international collaboration. OASC Ireland Cluster is looking to engage with more cities to replicate best practices for Smart Cities for IoT-enabled systems integration/interoperability, a unique value-proposition from OASC Ireland to the GCTC community. Contact us for further information and/or submit your application.


June 14, 2016 OASC Ireland proudly collaborate with NIST and participate actively providing technology and smart city solutions at Global City team Challenge (GCTC). A set of projects with cities in  Ireland has been submitted as part of the Ireland Cluster. Contact us for details in how to be part of the Ireland Cluster and/or submit your application.


June 12, 2015, three Irish cities have signed the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) Letter of Intent to join the 2nd wave, effectively forming OASC Ireland. The cities are Cork, Dublin and Galway. Limerick and Donegal have expressed their interest to join the initiative in the next wave in 2016. This initiative should allow for rapid progress to be made in developing smart initiatives in all the involved cities to attract and replicate the effect in Ireland.


Technical Support

OASC Ireland Technology Support

OASC Ireland is supported  by the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, one of the Europe’s leading research centres with over 300 researchers. Insight has research centres based in University College Cork (UCC), Dublin City University (DCU), Trinity College Dublin (TCD), University College Dublin (UCD) and the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG).

We work with the most advanced technologies for the cities and support knowledge transfer and smart city development with innovative and agile approaches. We involve industry stakeholders to bring research value and knowledge to the smart city ecosystem and sustain smart city solutions in a mature stage. Contact us either if you are a research institution, public administration, industry or simply if you want us to work with you on ideas about how to innovate smart cities market.