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The Open Agile Smart Cities Ireland run continuously activities at the National and International levels offering leadership and open participation of  any organisation, industry or individuals.

At National level organizes a series of events, the OASC Ireland General Assembly, an annual meeting to bring together the different stakeholders of innovative smart city ecosystems, the OpenIoT Summer School to transfer knowledge from academia to the new generation of professionals and also from advanced research results to industry participants, the Smart Cities & Regions Expo an annual event to synchronize activities, make plans and share experiences and also the Citizen’s Engagement and co-Creation Workshops to exercise the most difficult parts of the innovation process in complex smart cities ecosystem.

COVID-19 transformed some of our MEETINGS into Online Events – Follow the results  in [Meetings Section]

At the International level organises participation on different actions happening around the globe offering not only the participation but also the direct involvement of your organisation. bring you to the Smart Cities Connect Conference to add value into an international level and have more impact internationally, OASC Smart Cites Conference is an international event supported by the European Commission, other international activities are the Global City Team Challenge (GCTC)Smart Cities Industry ForumSmart Cities Solutions Forum, etc. help to promote the involved Irish cities to take part of the international smart city activities by promoting the best practices learnt at national level and also to promote replicability and scalability of tested solutions beyond the country boundaries.

Please visit the  [News, Meetings & Events Section] regularly for updated information about the next OASC Ireland activities. Please visit [OASC Ireland Values] to read more about our impacting activities. Please visit [About Us] section to understand charter and don’t hesitate to contact us for future plans in your city or simply if you want to be part of