OASC Ireland Smart City Projects & Innitiatives


We review this list regularly with the technical offices, and we work hard to keep them updated, if any discrepancy, please allow few days and visit this section continuously to look for updates and progress:


Dublin Smart City 

Projects and Initiatives:  Dublin-Linked, Smart Stadium, Smart Docklands

Main Case Studies: Energy Monitoring, City Mobility, Public Engagement, Citizens Engagement, Smart City Infrastructures, Traffic Management, Smart Public Services, Smart Citizens, Air and Environmental Monitoring, Open Data.

Deployment Areas: Croke Park Stadium, Dublin City Docklands, Dublin Port

To get detailed information please visit [Smart Dublin Smart Stories]


Galway Connected Hub 

Projects and Initiatives: 


Main Case Studies: 


Deployment Areas:


To get detailed information please visit [Smart Galway Projects]


Limerick Smart City

Projects and Initiatives: Limerick Digital Strategy and Roadmap

Main Case Studies:   Limerick initiatives that aim to raise Limerick to a new “Intermediate” Level 3 of digital maturity by 2018 and Level 4 “Advanced” by 2020 while increasing the impact of these actions across a set of five Smart City capabilities: Leadership & Governance, Stakeholder Engagement and Citizen Focus, Integrated ICT Infrastructure, Effective Use of Data and Level of Smartness.

Deployment Areas: Economy & Innovation, Community & Citizenship, Culture & Entertainment, Movement & Transport, Urban Places & Spaces and Environmental Practices.

To get detailed information please visit [Smart Limerick Roadmap]


Cork Smart Gateway

Projects and Initiatives: The region has a large and diverse range of innovative Smart projects across a variety of areas including ICT, Energy, Transport, Water, Health, Tourism, Education. Energy Efficiency, Citizens Engagement, Smart Citizen, Citizens Mobility, Smart Campus, Smart Infrastructures, Smart Ecosystem and Open Data.

Main Case Studies: Cork Dashboard, Nimbus Smart Building, Tyndall Smart Management, Journey Planner, Smart Kite, Smart Water Monitoring, Drive4Zero.

Deployment Areas: 

Cork City, Cork Port, City Building and University Campus.

To get detailed information please visit [Smart Cork Projects]


We are working hard to update this list visit us regularly.

2017 OASC Ireland – Progress

This year OASC Ireland hosted the 1st Smart Cities & Regions Expo

Seán Kyne TD Minister of State opened the event hosted at Insight Galway City and acknowledge OASC Ireland initiative and Insight support for Smart Cities in the country.

Seán Kyne TD Minister of State message to attendees – Insight Galway City


Clodagh Barry (North Western Regional Assembly – NWRA), Caitriona Morgan (Smart Connected Hub – Galway City Council) and Claire Davis (Smart Gateway – Cork City Office) amongst the speakers and attendees this year, expressed the support OASC Ireland / Insight makes for Smart Cities in the country.

Participants at the 2017 OASC Ireland Progress Meeting – Insight Galway City

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