2016 OASC Ireland

2016 OASC Ireland – Planning

The 2016 Open Internet of Things summer school is an event organized by the OpenIoT consortium, VITAL-OS Project, City Pulse Project and FIESTA Project following the EU IERC-Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (2015-2016 IERC IoT-SRIA) with focus on providing insights about Open Source Solutions, Service Openness and Semantic Interoperability for the Internet of Things.

Awareness and Engagement

This year the 2016 Open Agile and Smart Cities Meeting is co-located with the OpenIoT Summer School and it is hosted at the Insight Building at Galway City.

At the picture: participants at the 2016 OASC Ireland Meeting hosted by Insight at Insight Building – Galway City

Please look at the [2016 OpenIoT Summer School Activities Program] or visit the [OpenIoT Website] for more details.