August 29, 2017 OASC Ireland participates in the Global City teams Challenge Expo. A set of projects with cities in California, Ireland and India have been presented and the technologies and project progress have been showcased bringing the attention to many participants and opening the opportunities for international collaboration. OASC Ireland Cluster is looking to engage with more cities to replicate best practices for Smart Cities for IoT-enabled systems integration/interoperability, a unique value-proposition from OASC Ireland to the GCTC community. Contact us for further information and/or submit your application.


June 14, 2016 OASC Ireland proudly collaborate with NIST and participate actively providing technology and smart city solutions at Global City team Challenge (GCTC). A set of projects with cities in  Ireland has been submitted as part of the Ireland Cluster. Contact us for details in how to be part of the Ireland Cluster and/or submit your application.


June 12, 2015, three Irish cities have signed the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) Letter of Intent to join the 2nd wave, effectively forming OASC Ireland. The cities are Cork, Dublin and Galway. Limerick and Donegal have expressed their interest to join the initiative in the next wave in 2016. This initiative should allow for rapid progress to be made in developing smart initiatives in all the involved cities to attract and replicate the effect in Ireland.