2019 OASC Ireland

2019 OASC Ireland – Digital Strategy

The fifth annual General Assembly Open Agile Smart Cities Ireland (OASC.ie) expo and workshop took place at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway. This year we are focus on providing regional support to define from international standards the Digital Strategy for Galway City.  

Plan and Local Collaboration

A series of meetings and mini-events to allow interaction and public engagement coordinated by Galway City Council were hosted in various places in Galway City. Co-Creation experiences from Open Agile Smart Cities (OASC) the European Living labs (which have transformed into a local ecology for innovation involving citizens, services, technologies and policy) and Global City team Challenge (GCTC) have provided a solid know-*how towards the Digital Strategy creation.


One of the organised events brought together different stakeholders and citizens participation, as a workshop and coordination from Galway City Council, this event set the foundations to the Digital Strategy by collecting all the critical demands and focal needs – Insight Galway participated proactively helping to identify the requirements to make continue the transformation of Galway City towards the best Smarter Connected Hub, not only in Ireland but also with the USA by its long trajectory in IE-USA partnerships and continue participation in the international GCTC event.