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                        __             Ireland rapid progress is in place!

Open & Agile Smart Cities Ireland are only getting started but a lot of the building blocks to constitute smart cities ecosystem are already in place. There is a real appetite for all things smart and all the signs are that rapid progress will be made in this area.

“The European headquarters of many of the world’s leading technology firms are based in Ireland providing a cluster of many of the world’s leading experts. At the moment Ireland is coming out strongly from an economic slump. I believe that the smart economy in Ireland has significant energy behind it in all the necessary places”.

According to Mark Bennett of Dublin City Council, “Cities are going to be leaders of the change“. Dublin could raise its profile in a way that would help sell Ireland”.


OASC Ireland Expertise and Leadership
The OASC Ireland initiative is being led by Niall Ó Brolcháin who served as Mayor of Galway from 2006-07 and as a Government Senator until 2011 has a unique blend of experience in both politics and technology having worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. He is now working with Insight to promote Open Data in Ireland.

Mr Ó Brolcháin a long-time advocate of Smart Cities stated, “I believe that Ireland is ideally placed to develop leading edge smart systems that will involve technological advancements in public administration, creating efficiencies and providing levels of service that would have been unimaginable only a few short years ago.”

Mr Ó Brolcháin is supported technically by two experts,  Dr. Martin Serrano head of the  IoT and Stream processing Unit who specialises in Smart Cities / IoT and along also with Insight’s eGovernment group led by former United Nations researcher Dr. Adegboyega Ojo.

More details, please read the [Irish Times Article]


Ireland has the right size, environment
Dr. Martin Serrano is on the Steering Board of the OASC Connected Smart Cities Network (www.oascities.org) , which oversees the OASC Initiatives around the globe, and is well respected throughout the world for his work in developing the Smart City concept. Dr. Serrano is an expert on IoT technologies and He believes that Ireland is the right size and has the right political and technological environment to lead the way in terms of fast development and technology adaptation in Smart Cities.

More details please refer to [Silicon Republic Article]

OASC Ireland recognises the importance of collaborative relationships
Dr. Adegboyega Ojo former United Nations University member, head of the eGovernment Unit at Insight welcomed the initiative, saying, “We are delighted that Dublin, Cork and Galway have signed up for this initiative. The eGovernment unit at Insight works closely with Public Authorities and Governments in the Republic of Ireland and other parts of the world in the area of open government. We also recognise the importance of continuing to develop our relationships with local cities in Ireland in harnessing open and big data driven innovations towards improved quality of life for residents”.


Open Agile Smart Cities in Ireland

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